Do you have any question? Here we will answer the most common questions about our services and reflexology in general.

Some frequently asked questions

Is there an age limit for your services?

While our services can be enjoyed by clients of all ages, we ask that parents do not bring anyone under the age of 12 to our spas. Anyone under the age of 18 needs to be accompanied by their legal guardian.

What is the right attire?

We encourage our clients to wear comfortable clothes so that they can maximize their relaxation during their session. However, we do have many clients that visit us while wearing business attire and still enjoy the full benefits of reflexology and body massage.

I am pregnant, can I still use your services?

Absolutely! We do offer prenatal reflexology and body massage services up the end of the 2nd trimester. Make sure to let the receptionist know how far along you are so that they may inform your therapist.

How often should I visit your spa?

You can enjoy reflexology up to 3 times week.

I am ticklish, what should I do if I can't get a foot massage?

We offer body massages as well, please take a look at our menu and select one of our other services.

Do you make house calls?

Unfortunately we don’t, but we would love to see you at  our location.

Besides the relaxation and the spiritual experience, what are the benefits of getting a foot reflexology:

Reflexology has many cognitive benefits such as:

  1. Higher self-esteem and self trust.
  2. Gain wisdom and clarity of mind.
  3. Better overall relationships.
  4. A sense of youthful happiness – reclaiming of the wonderment of life ( childlikeness ). Fun.
  5. Openness to life.
  6. Reduced dependency on alcohol or other drugs or desire to stop altogether and to see what is real and genuine.
  7. At the deeper levels of meditation the blood cleans itself and you can heal the body more easily.
  8. Heal chronic Depressions.
  9. Become kinder to yourself and to others.
  10. Stress reduction. Improved concentration.
  11. More positive thinking.
  12. Grow inner strength.
  13. Reduction in mental chatter, busy mind, monkey mind.
  14. Marked improvement with sleeping and the advantages of good sleep.
  15. An ease of dealing with previously difficult situations. 


Do you take walk-ins?

While we always suggest you book your appointment in advance to make sure you reserve your reservation, we are more than happy to take walk-ins.

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We offer a premium reflexology service that give your feet the rest they need. Our reflexologists are capable of stimulating pressure points on your feet to loosen tense muscles and improve blood circulation.

In addition to foot reflexology, we offer chair massage to relax your body. Our chair massage eases the tension in your muscles which helps you free your mind and body from stress.

Spoil yourself as you relax your feet at Fit n Feet.